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Congrats John, and his doubles partner, Craig Diver, on their win today at Copperfield. Congratulations to all the SASBA bowlers and their partners who made the finals.

For those that like minutia, like me, it's been 10 years since John's last SASBA win, which was also at Copperfield.  In addition, the win came 22 1/2 years after John's first SASBA win in Jan '91 in Abilene TX. John is.a Septuagenarian who is 75 years young. I only hope that I can throw half as good as John in 18 years when I turn 75.

Great bowling John.

Bob Loffredo


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I bowled at Copperfield for John's last win in 2003.  I had watched him on TV many, many times over the years, but had never met him.  I was thrilled just to be in the same building with him!  I was a SASBA rookie and it was the first time I made the finals in the SW region.  John was crossing next to me and he was the first one to congratulate me when I shot a 298 in qualifying.  I wasn't sure if I supposed to be ecstatic to have met him or embarrassed that I choked on the 12th shot!

I was fortunate enough to make the finals again this year and got see John in action again both days.  I have to confess, I never have, and most likely never will, throw the ball as well as he does now.  Pretty amazing!  Congratulations John (and partner Craig Diver) on the win!


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Congratulations to Mr. Handegard and Craig on a decisive win. I had the pleasure of meeting John briefly in the bracket room and welcoming him back to SASBA. Like Gordon, I watched him may times on TV and admired not only his flawless game, but his competitiveness and sporstmanship (win or lose).

Great bowling all the other finalists, especially my friends Lisa and Kelly. Way to go!

The G.C.

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Ac, are we sure this is the same John Handegard that I use to bowl with?  Well Congratulations John, I guess the years have not got to you like they have me. RGibbs

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Congrats to Mr. Handegard and Craig on a very nice win. Congrats to all the teams that cashed and look forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks in Pasadena at the Singles at Armadilla Lanes.
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Congrats to John Handegard, Craig Diver, Shawn Maldonado and Clarence McQueen for finishing 1-2 in the SASBA M/G doubles at Copperfield Bowl in Houston, TX

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Kathy King


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Congratulations guys.  Welcome back Handyman!!!  the beav
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